The REAL Relationships Show
Deb’s Podcast, The REAL Relationships Show, is a series of interviews with real people about their real life relationships and occasional solo sessions where Deb shares her insights into relationship. New episodes are released weekly.

Podcasts & Interviews (click on the image to listen)

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Open to Happiness Podcast (Part 2) In this second talk with psychologist, Nicoleta Porojanu, Deb talks more about lessons learned from the sex industry. 
Open to Happiness Podcast (Part 1) In this first of 2 talks with psychologist, Nicoleta Porojanu, Deb talks about domestic abuse and debunks some of the myths of the sex industry. 
Ebb & Glow Podcast Deb shares the ebb and flow of her story with Jenelle Tremblett
Damaged Parents Deb talks to Angela, founder of Damaged Parents about the impact being the non-resident parent for her son had on her.
Brave Briefings with Lois Wagner Deb shares her story with Lois Wagner in the Brave Briefings series on YouTube and talks about the importance of respect.
Inspired Souls with Helen Pinkett Deb shares her personal and business story with Helen  Pinkett
Industry Leaders Interview Read Deb’s interview in Industry Leaders online magazine.
 Money and Relationships Deb is the guest baker on the Recipe for Financial Success podcast where she talks about the tricky subject of money and relationships.  She also shares her favourite cake recipe!
Thriving through Menopause  In this podcast hosted by Clarissa Kristjansson Deb talked about the impact mid-life and menopause has on relationships and discussed the male menopause. 
Weekly Expert on The Farah Kariamburi Podcast Deb shared her story with Farah Kariamburi and they talked about gender balance, teenage boys and cultural and social conditioning in relationships.
5 Steps To Powerful Personal Relationships  Deb is interviewed by Heather Gifford-Jenkins of Sister Stand Strong about the importance of relationships in business.
Let Fear Bounce Deb is interviewed by Kim Lengling on her podcast, ‘Let Fear Bounce’, talking about how she overcome many adversities to do what she does today.
The Sexy Little Extras of the Ripple Effect.  Deb talks to Kelly Forrester of Over the Edge about the impact our relationships have on business.
Business Health and Emotional Wealth Deb is a guest on UK Health Radio’s ‘Business Health and Emotional Wealth’ programme with Paul and Debs Rees, talking relationships and how your past experiences can impact your present and your future.
What’s a Sexpert? Deb talks with Award-winning Networker, Mike Armstrong, about what is a Sexpert and how do you become one? Watch the interview on YouTube
Let’s Talk about Sex! Deb talks to Introbiz Founder and CEO, Tracey Smolinski, about Sex and Relationships
Money, Sex, Relationships, Life Deb was interviewed on Facebook live by Louise Fitzgerald-Baker, Founder of The Pink Hard Hat.  They discussed money, the sex industry, relationships, life
Domestic Abuse Deb was interviewed by the BBC World Service about the introduction of the Domestic Abuse Bill in January 2019.  Listen in from 26.33, Deb’s contribution starts at 28.00.
Domestic Abuse Deb was a guest on the Keith Blakemore Noble Radio Show where she talked about being trapped in an abusive relationship.